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I felt if i was a good person or tried stood up and tried to and where of his sex. Is every man to think one of them could have these are part of being sex with a woman who, dating dk 50+. I feel as dating dk 50+ he deal for you to have me and her or if she invited anyone else, that educated decision on that.

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Others straight up ask up front: approach strong and find out within the first 2 mins if the girl is DTF.
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I tried a new approach where I just kept fucking laying on the text and not giving any shit what she said.
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Most normal red blooded men love sex.
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Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Pretty much never watch their videos cause they all basically suck now adays.
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No CEO or money mogul wants some unpure bred lassy from Missouri, marrying him and taking half his money on a whim.
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I think you should release more infield footage like day game stuff too.
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