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Nickhe achieves his goal out of wine in north america any chance of you being not a woman. The only thing was that natural thing in my life presence there the entire time.

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As it gets closer to me going home I plan on asking her out to a local Christmas festival.
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It would be less confusing with names in there :pWord that makes more sense.
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I also think that when being authentic one might be more attached to being right, to their own opinion, which is sometimes unacceptable.
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But like there are just so many posts where you call yourself dumb- and then you have issues learning shit and you wonder why...
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Just like me being the kind of dude that can hold a normal conversation and be chill and pretty funny and just...
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I love the different reactions, they are so telling.
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Next time you are sitting at home, durpin around, just think about how you would feel if you did something to land you in jail for the rest of your life and then recognize how much fucking freedom you have to not do that and to be awesome and to walk around, every day, whenever you want, wherever you want, talking to whoever you want, about whatever you want...
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