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Work on your social anxiety fast and effective weight loss. If not, no hard feelings. I hope you will listen.

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She comes over and we discuss a lot of matters, she checks my white board and the stuff that I have on it and we start discussing concepts like value creation etc… we have breakfast, we jam she plays guitar and sings and we really came up with very creative stuff like making new lyrics, drawing crazy non-sense on the white board and becoming very creative to the point of exhaustion she came at 1 and left around 7 or so.
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Till then if you need any grapic design stuff, just lemme know.
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As humans, we think in images - images that are associated with feelings.
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Goes against a lot of stuff in the community and my own experience.
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Maybe we just moved too fast and he got scared.
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Me: I already on way home super tiredHer: REally!!
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Without physical health you basically have nothing.
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