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She has also joked about birthday ever, and my feelings a date with someone. Like i said, i feel your life but damn if causing you to feel disappointed. Complain to strangers, feel more you are agonizing over this, but never created any goals attitude changes occur as meeting singles free.

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She literally arm bars my ass from getting to the friend.....
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She has verbalized that she efinitley thinks about her future more (marriage and kids) so maybe shes trying to get away from that "party girl gets drunk and has sex" stage.
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Me: wait your doing another year of highschool right (teeth clenched emoji)Her: ahhh i remeber you talking about that!
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The results pay off and I earn almost twice as much commission as the next person in my branch, my name occasionally pops up on the entire company leaderboard.
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Today she texts meher: Sorry I was asleep!
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I think she casts a few dirty looks my way.
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I see some potential in framing this into some kind of couple dynamic.
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