Snoring and sleep apnea center

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Snoring and sleep apnea center


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  • Isawasezaru
But even though i often only get a couple of hours on the machine before i have to take the mask off and sleep normally i still feel much better.
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  • Hardwolf5
I ask this as an OSA newbie hence why I have joined this forum, I will go into more detail in a separate thread but my point is although at the moment I walk around like a zombie and have been through hell over the last 3 years I am hoping for a solution, I am hoping to be given a CPAP machine and from there expect things to get better, I am then hoping to lose a substantial amount of weight to improve things over the long term, so, for me I have not even thought of claiming anything as there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, yes I am knackered constantly and it is a constant battle to just keep my eyes open, I do not need to tell any of you this but for me, as I presume for you to, life goes on, I may not be as active as I want to be but day to day but I still do what I have to do, life goes on, yes it is a nightmare at times but as said in the long term I am hoping things will improve.
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  • Sonny4000
Which I believed dry blood.

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